MANNOL Emulsion


Water-miscible greasing and cooling fluid (GCF) with a high content of mineral oil and a highly effective additive package, providing multi functionality and stability of the emulsion for machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Product properties:
- Mixes easily with water;
- Long service life of the emulsion;
- Economical to use;
- High stability of the emulsion;
- Good lubricating properties;
- Good anti-corrosion properties;
- Good lubricating properties - reduces friction in the processing zone and reduces all types of tool wear;
- Reliably removes heat from the treatment area;
- It is possible to use water of a wide range of hardness (up to 12 °e).

For processing by pressure (pressing, bending, etc.) and cutting (turning, milling, drilling, cutting, drawing, threading, grinding) all types of cast irons and steels, all types of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Recommended concentration ± 5% depending on the processing mode of a particular metal.


4LMN1103-4Plastic4 pcs/box