O.E.M. for Chevrolet Opel 10W-40


Universal ester-containing semi-synthetic engine oil specially developed for gasoline and diesel engines with and without a turbocharger of CHEVROLET, OPEL, and GM vehicles.

Product properties:
- Ester technology and a semi-synthetic base with optimal viscosity ensure efficient engine operation in all operating modes: during cold start, in urban and highway modes, under increased load (off-road and uphill driving, towing, driving with maximum load), and at high ambient temperatures;
- Ester components provide excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties due to the exceptional durability of the oil film, which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increases engine life even in engines with start-stop systems;
- Ensures easy and smooth cold start due to excellent crankability and pumpability, which significantly reduces engine wear;
- Actively resists ageing and reduces oil consumption due to increased thermal-oxidative stability and a unique formulation. Can be used in both conventional engines and engines with extended oil change interval (Long Life);
- Excellent washing and dispersing ability effectively resists all types of deposits and keeps engine parts exceptionally clean throughout the entire interval between replacements;
- Full compatibility with all sealing materials and optimal viscosity-temperature characteristics minimize the risk of leaks;
- Effectively protects engine parts from all types of corrosion;
- Compatible with fuels with high sulfur content.

Designed for gasoline and diesel engines of cars and light trucks of American, European and Asian manufacturers, primarily for cars manufactured by General Motors complying with EURO III, IV, V standards. Suggested for older vehicles with high mileage. Recommended for GM, CHEVROLET, OPEL, DAEWOO, and SAAB.

SAE 10W-40



VOLKSWAGEN Norm 501 00/505 00

MB 229.1

SEAT 501 00/505 00

SKODA 501 00/505 00

AUDI 501 00/505 00


1LMN7702-1MEPlastic20 pcs/box
4LMN7702-4MEPlastic4 pcs/box
4LMN7702-4Plastic4 pcs/box