MN Nano Technology 10W-40


Special HC-synthese engine oil for modern gasoline and diesel multi-valve and direct injection engines with and without a turbocharger. Designed using the latest nano-technology to optimize engine life and performance significantly.

Product properties:
- Special hydrocarbon nano-complexes and an HC base with an extended range of viscosity-temperature features ensure efficient engine operation in all operating modes: during cold start. with increased load (off-road and uphill driving, towing, driving with maximum load), and at high ambient temperatures;
- Outstanding tribological properties create a self-repairing protective film on metal surfaces to minimize friction coefficient and wear rate and ensure the restoration of nano- and micro-defects of friction surfaces under conditions of boundary friction at high loads and sliding speeds;
- Great for active driving. Maintains its properties even when using variable quality fuel (with sulfur content up to 500 ppm) due to the total base number (TBN);
- Hydrosynthetic base with nano-components improves engine performance and preserves functionality throughout the entire interval between replacements;
- Excellent washing and dispersing properties and the highest thermal-oxidative stability effectively prevent all types of deposits (including varnish and soot) and keeps engine parts exceptionally clean throughout the entire service life.

Designed for gasoline and diesel engines of cars, light SUVs, vans and light trucks of European and other manufacturers.
Recommended for use in engines of Daimler and VW vehicles.

SAE 10W-40


VOLKSWAGEN Norm 502 00/505 00

MB 229.3

SEAT 502 00/505 00

SKODA 502 00/505 00

AUDI 502 00/505 00


1LMN7503-1Plastic20 pcs/box
4LMN7503-4Plastic4 pcs/box