MANNOL Super Diesel 9988

MANNOL Super Diesel
MANNOL Super DIESEL tuning cetane-boosting additive for diesel fuel. Suitable for all types of fuels and all types of diesel engines with or without turbocharging.

- All other things being equal, increases engine power or restores it in the event of a decrease;
- Makes it easier to start the engine in winter and reduces starting wear;
- Provides smooth idling and reduces engine noise;
- Provides additional lubrication of fuel system parts (fuel pump, pump-injectors and injectors) extending their service life;
- Effectively cleans all elements of the fuel system from tar-varnish deposits and carbon deposits, including: nozzle sprayers, intake valves, piston bottoms and the entire combustion chamber;
- Reduces fuel consumption by increasing the completeness of its combustion;
- Compatible with all exhaust gas cleaning systems, including particulate filters;
- Reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Application: Add the contents of the bottle to the fuel tank before refueling in a ratio of 1:300 (200 ml per 60 liters of fuel). Self-mixing. Recommended for regular use.
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