MN9980 Diesel Jet Cleaner 9980

MN9980 Diesel Jet Cleaner

Diesel Jet Cleaner – additive in diesel fuel of any kind - a powerful fast-acting nozzle cleaner for all types of diesel engines (turbocharged and atmospheric, with and without exhaust gas neutralization systems). It is especially recommended for engines with problems at start-up and unstable operation.

- Quickly and effectively cleans contaminated parts of the fuel injection system: removing tar, soot, scale and other deposits from the intake valves, injectors and their sprayers. Eliminates the hang of the needles;
- Lubricates the fuel system components, protecting the plunger pairs of the high-pressure fuel pump and the movable elements of the injectors, as well as the parts of the cylinder-piston group, thereby increasing the service life of the engine;
- Protects the fuel system from corrosion;
- All other things being equal, increases engine power or restores it in the event of a decrease;
- Eliminates uneven fuel supply, restores smooth operation of the engine at idle;
- Eliminates jerks, starting difficulties and poor engine acceleration caused by uneven fuel spray;
- Can be used to prevent contamination and deposits on injectors and intake valves;
- Reduces fuel consumption by increasing the completeness of its combustion;
- Compatible with all exhaust gas cleaning systems;
- Reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Application: Add to the tank before refueling in the ratio of 300 ml per 30 liters of fuel. Fill in the fuel. Self-mixing. In case of heavy contamination, power loss is possible. In this case, change the fuel filter and repeat cleaning.
Recommended for regular use.

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