MANNOL Winter Diesel


MANNOL Winter Diesel 1:1000 is an additive that prevents paraffin crystals from developing in diesel fuel at low temperatures. Thanks to the depressant effect of the anti-gel, the blocking of filters and fuel lines is prevented. Not only does the anti-gel reduce the limiting temperature of filterability (down to -36 °C) and setting point (down to -47 °C) of diesel fuel, but it also optimises fuel system operation at low temperatures. It combusts completely without forming ash residues.

It is recommended to add Winter Diesel either right before or right after every filling up, beginning in autumn, in the ratio 1:1000 (250 ml of anti-gel to 250 l of fuel).
ATTENTION! Additives are sensitive to cold and come into full effect only when they are mixed with diesel. Winter Diesel should never be kept in unheated rooms in case of frost danger. If it actually is exposed to the cold the product will become hard and barely flowable. Winter Diesel should be added to the fuel only when it is lukewarm and fluid. Heating at room temperature makes it usable again.


1L9983Plastic20 pcs/box