MANNOL Getriebeoel-Additiv Automatik 9902

MANNOL Getriebeoel-Additiv Automatik
Getriebeoel-Additive Automatik oil additive for 3-4 - speed classic automatic transmissions and automatic transmissions with double clutch (dry). Not suitable for classic transmissions of the latest generations and variators (CVT). It is recommended to use in extreme operating conditions and for gearboxes with a high degree of wear.

- Modifies the surface structure of the gear reducing the coefficient of friction and wear;
- Neutral to oil seals and gaskets;
- Does not impair the friction properties of friction elements;
- Reduces the noise level of the automatic transmission;
- Reduces heating of transmission elements and peak temperatures;
- Provides smooth, jerk-free gear shifting even in heavily worn gearboxes.

Application: Add to the transmission oil – mixing occurs independently during operation. Dosage: one tube of 20 g per 1 liter of oil.
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