MANNOL Contact Adhesive 9827

MANNOL Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesive is a one-component polyurethane adhesive for windscreens that do not require an increased safety guarantee. It is used for fixing the front, rear and side windows to the bodies of cars, vans, railway transport and special purpose vehicles.
Meets the requirements (specification) of Loctite TEROSON PU 8597 HMLC.
The minimum ready time is 1 hour after application, according to FMVSS (USA), and 4 hours according to the most stringent European crash test standard.

- Suitable for applying to the windshield opening of any material, including aluminum;
- Due to its high initial hardness, no mandatory additional fixing of the glass is required;
- Very good resistance to sagging;
- Does not stick to the tool;
- High speed of polymerization;
- High shear strength and high shear modulus. Good elasticity even after long-term use;
- Very low electrical conductivity;
- Good adhesion to the residual materials of the old adhesive joint;
- High resistance to UV radiation;
- Excellent adhesion to glass, glass with a ceramic coating and to painted surfaces;
- High European safety standard.

Application: Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be bonded from old glue, paint and other coatings, rust, dirt, grease and oil deposits. Degrease the surface of the windscreen opening using 9691 MANNOL Brake Cleaner. Dry. Make sure that there are no damages or defects on the glass surface. To clean the surface and obtain optimal adhesion, it is recommended to sand the glass bonding line with a soft abrasive material. After sanding, clean the surfaces to be bonded using 9974 MANNOL Glass Cleaner and allow the cleaner to dry for 2 minutes. Degrease the surface of the glass using 9691 MANNOL Brake Cleaner. Dry. Apply a thin layer of glue to the bonding points on the glass. It is necessary to start applying from the lower edge of the glass in a uniform layer without breaks along the contour and without gaps between the glue layer and the glass. Install the glass in the opening. Press lightly. It is advisable to fix with tape and leave to dry. Complete polymerization of the adhesive takes place within 12 hours. It is advisable not to use the vehicle at this time. The vehicle itself must be on a flat surface. Bonding is desirable to be performed at room temperature and humidity of 50-60 %.

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