M-40 Lubricant 0.4L 9940

M-40 Lubricant 0.4L

MANNOL M-40 Lubricant is a universal (penetrating, cleaning, anticorrosive, moisture – displacing, anti-squeaking, etc.) aerosol lubricant-an analog of WD-40. It has unique lubricating and protective properties and has a wide range of applications. Ideal for professional and home use. It is a highly effective mixture of fast-penetrating active solvents and oils.
- Has excellent cleaning properties. Cleans and easily removes grease, dirt, bituminous stains, glue residues, etc. from most surfaces, forming a protective layer;
- Covers the surface, preventing the appearance of moisture even in the micro-roughness of the metal;
- Has good lubricating properties, reduces friction, ensuring smooth running of joints and other moving parts of mechanisms, while not leaving greasy and sticky traces;
- Has excellent moisture-repellent and moisture-displacing properties. Displaces moisture and forms a protective barrier against dampness. Protects rubber seals, plastic linings, plugs and other contact surfaces from freezing;
- Has excellent penetrating properties, penetrating into jammed, rusted or frozen joints and mechanisms, frees them, facilitating the process of dismantling rusted elements;
- Excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation;
- It is a dielectric, thus protecting electrical equipment, preventing short circuits and current leaks. Helps start the engine covered in moisture;
- Does not contain silicone, so it does not leave a sticky or greasy layer on the surface, so it does not attract dust and dirt;
- Removes vegetable juices, resins, adhesives, stickers, sticky labels and tapes from surfaces without damaging paint coatings;
- Suitable for removing insect tracks from car, can remove chewing gum from carpet.

Example of use:
- Gears, chains, lightly loaded bearings;
- Metal and plastic rubbing the surface of the;
- All types of fasteners and threaded connections: quickly destroys rust and oxides inside them providing easy disassembly of fasteners, allowing you to quickly and without damage to disconnect stuck, jammed metal parts;
- Rubber seals, plastic linings, caps;
- For preservation of metal surfaces;
- Garden equipment, tools and equipment;
- Moving metal components, any of the rubbing parts and components;
- Door locks and hinges (eliminates creaking). Can be used as a lock defroster;
- Power tools and electrical equipment;
- Terminals and electrical connections. Wires, electrical contacts. Prevents oxidation of the contacts;
Compatibility: compatible with all types of lubricants. It is safe for metal, rubber, wood, plastic elements and varnished surfaces.
Application: Clean and degrease the surface. For degreasing, we recommend using MANNOL Brake Cleaner 9691. Spray at a distance of 20 cm and let it soak in. Excess can be removed with a clean cloth.

Shelf life: 5 years

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