A special low-viscosity synthetic transmission fluid (ATF) for automatic gearboxes of TOYOTA/LEXUS vehicles with latest-generation TOYOTA and AISIN AW gearboxes, including sequential. It ensures a flawless operation of an automatic gearbox, guarantees minimal wear of ball bearings, stuffing boxes and gears, a lasting service life of the whole transmission and fuel economy. It was developed on the basis of the requirements set by the company AISIN WARNER.

Product properties:
- The highest-quality low-viscosity synthetic base with a consistent high viscosity index in a combination with a multifunctional additive package preserves all its properties in a wide range of temperatures: it ensures good lubricating properties at low (-45 °C) temperatures in winter and ensures a stable oil film under extreme loads and high temperatures in summer, ensures necessary antifriction properties even in the event of a discontinuity of the oil film during overloads;
- The high-technology combination of additives ensures good antifriction properties for gear couplings and required friction properties for friction elements thus ensuring a significant fuel economy, an exceptionally smooth transmission shift and a significant increase in the service life of all transmission elements. - It ensures a coordinated and smooth operation of clutches, extends the service life of friction elements, prevents hydraulic converter’s contact elements from sliding when changing modes thus significantly reducing their wear;
- It has a superior thermal-oxidative and chemical stability and resistance to the high-temperature thermal degradation throughout the entire service life. It allows reducing lacquering, formation of sludge, soot and other carbon deposits to a minimum, significantly increasing the time between oil changes and ensuring the durability of transmission components thus reducing the equipment maintenance costs;
- It protects metal parts from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys from corrosion when both in and not in operation;
- It effectively resists aeration and foam formation;
- It ensures a compatibility with all sealing materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinking that allows reducing the costs for spare parts and prevents leakages;
- It reduces noise.

It is recommended for last-generation Toyota and Aisin AW automatic gearboxes in which the compliance with the above-mentioned TOYOTA requirements is required, as well as for automatic gearboxes of passenger cars and commercial vehicles produced by European manufacturers.
Colour: red.
Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual!

AISIN WARNER NWS-9638, NWS-9638 T5, JWS 3324


GM 88863400, 88863401

MAN 339 Z1

TOYOTA ATF WS Lifetime, 08886-02303, 08886-02305, 08886-80803, 08886-80807, 08886-81210

VOITH ATs 55.6335


1LMN8217-1MEPlastic20 pcs/box
4LMN8217-4MEPlastic4 pcs/box
4LMN8217BK-4MEPlastic4 pcs/box