O.E.M. for Toyota Lexus


Universal premium synthetic engine oil specially developed for modern diesel and gasoline engines of TOYOTA and LEXUS with variable valve timing technology VVT-i, with and without a turbocharger.

- Ester components guarantee excellent anti-wear and anti-friction qualities due to the exceptional durability of the oil film, which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increases engine life even in engines with start-stop systems;
- Significantly saves fuel due to the reduced high-temperature viscosity (HTHS) and unique anti-friction properties;
- Ensures easy cold start due to excellent pumpability, which substantially reduces engine startup wear;
- A fully synthetic base provides low volatility and low oil consumption for waste;
- Excellent washing and dispersing properties and the highest thermal-oxidative stability effectively prevent all types of deposits and keep engine parts exceptionally clean throughout the entire oil change interval;
- Effectively resists ageing due to the high thermal-oxidative stability, extending the oil change interval;
- A unique oil formulation minimizes the effect of premature ignition of the fuel mixture LSPI (Low-Speed ​​Pre-Ignition) in engines with direct injection and turbocharger;
- Compatible with all exhaust gas aftertreatment systems including DPF, TWC, EGR and SCR due to the Mid SAPS technology.

Designed for multi-valve gasoline engines of cars, SUVs, vans and light trucks, as well as light commercial vehicles, where the performance level API SN Plus (API SN), C2, A5 / B5 is required.

SAE 5W-30


ACEA C2, A5/B5


1LMN7709-1Plastic20 pcs/box
1LMN7709-1MEPlastic20 pcs/box
4LMN7709-4MEPlastic4 pcs/box
4LMN7709-4Plastic4 pcs/box