MANNOL Central Hydraulic Fluid


High-quality and highly effective multi-purpose synthetic hydraulic fluid with ashless additives, developed for central hydraulic systems of modern cars - Central Hydraulic Fluid (CHF). Designed based on the highest requirements of automakers for use over the entire life of the vehicle.

Product properties:
- Can be used year-round, even in extremely cold winters, due to ultra-low pour point (-51°C and below). Maintains excellent starting properties, and high temperature (upper limit of operating temperature +1300 °C);
- Maintains stable viscosity and fluidity even at low temperatures due to the extremely high viscosity index;
- Offers optimum coefficient of friction and improved extreme pressure properties;
- Compatible with all kinds of hoses and sealants to prevent leakage;
- Excellent shear stability prevents viscosity changes at high loads;
- Very high chemical, thermal and antioxidant stability increases engine life and resistance to foaming;
- Actively protects against corrosion and wear;
- Reduces the noise of the pump and ensures smooth operation of the steering wheel and comfort while driving.

Intended for central hydraulic systems of cars, as well as for power steering systems, hydropneumatic suspension systems with level control, shock absorbers, traction control system (ASR) and electronic stability control systems (ESC), start-stop systems, air conditioning pumps, central locking systems, and electro-hydraulic convertible roof drives. Fully compatible with original hydraulic fluids. Do not mix with non-original hydraulic, brake, cooling fluids and solvents.

VOLKSWAGEN G 002 000 (TL 521 46), G 004 000

BMW 81 22 9 407 758

FENDT X 902.011.622


GM B 040 0070

MAN M 3289 (362393)

MB 345.0

OPEL B 040 0070

SEAT G 002 000 (TL 521 46), G 004 000

SKODA G 002 000 (TL 521 46), G 004 000

AUDI G 002 000 (TL 521 46), G 004 000

VOLVO 8713089

Others CHF 11S


1LMN8990-1MEPlastic20 pcs/box