ATF Exchanger (PNEU) CT4112

ATF Exchanger (PNEU)
Attention! The packaging is illustrative and may differ from its actual appearance. For the latest list of specifications, see the text section.

Product Features:
- Exclusive Deeptrans technology enhances fluid exchange performance bу 50%.
- Patented Double Wall Tank design let new fluid become warm which gives protection to transmission and pipelines.
- The high precision scale marks allows more accurate result of calibration and transfer rate. Precise manual transfer rate is guaranteed, if necessary.
- One-button control to complete processes like new/waste fluid exchanging, - quick and convenient.
- Available to check real-time changing results via two sight glasses
- Vehicle database included and can bе updated through USB port.
- Two fluid refill options
- Standard adapters work for most cars. Optional 72 types of adapter are available for special needs.
- Premium swivel casters with ideal-stop brake.

Technical data:
Voltage: AC 220 V 50/60 Нz 1Ph
Power - 140 W
Pressure gauge range 0~16 Bar (0~220 Psi)
Operating pressure ≤6 Bar (0~87 Psi)
Length of oil outlet hose - 2.5 m
Length of oil return hose - 2.5 m
Length of oil drain hose - 2.0 m
Filter element precision - 5 µm
Volume of new oil tank ≈19.5 L
Volume of waste oil tank ≈15.5 L
Equivalent replacement error ≤±0.05 L
Мах. speed of oil exchange - 3.0 L/Min
Dimension of machine: 510 mm x 485 mm x 1360 mm
Package dimension: 495 mm x 495 mm x 1390 mm

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