Specification: VOLKSWAGEN 504.00


The engine oil specification VW 504 00 from 2005 was issued by Volkswagen for models built up to 2015. The engine oil standard applies to cars with gasoline engines. The change intervals for the oils with VW 504 00 are either fixed (annually or every 15,000 kilometres) or can be varied by a Longlife-Service (latest change after two years). All engine oils with VW 504 00 approval are Longlife oils. However, they can also be used in cars without extended change intervals. For diesel engines, the VW 507 00 standard applies accordingly; both specifications are intended for viscosity classes SAE 0w30 and SAE 5w30. The VW standard 504 00 also applies to petrol engines of the affiliates Audi, Skoda and Seat. The specification completely replaces the previous VW standards 503 00 & 503 01. If you drive an older model with the appropriate approvals, you can easily use engine oil with the specification VW 504 00. It is also backwards compatible with the VW 502 00 standard.