MANNOL Ester Additive 9929

MN9929-0.45 PETMN9929-1PET
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Innovative engine protection product based on synthetic esters (group V oils) additive to engine oils and to oils for mechanical transmissions. It is suitable for all types of engines, diesel and petrol, four-stroke and two-stroke, and for all types of oils-synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral, including those containing esters.
The ester molecules from the additive are magnetized to metal surfaces due to their pronounced polarity and create a dense and very strong oil film with the following characteristics:
- Highest load capacity; which allows the engine and/or transmission to work with increased loads without negative consequences;
- Unsurpassed anti-wear and anti-friction properties, which significantly increases the life of the engine and/or transmission components and saves fuel;
- Anticorrosive and antioxidant properties.
The additive gives the oil the following properties:
- Reduces evaporation, which decreases its consumption for carbon monoxide and extends the service life of the oil;
- Improves the thermal-oxidative stability, which increases its resistance to aging and degradation, which can increase the oil change intervals;
- Improves low-temperature properties, which greatly facilitates cold start and reduces engine starting wear;
- Improves cleaning and dispersing properties, prevents deposits of lacquers, resins and sludge; which increases the service life of the engine and/or transmission and the oil itself;
- Penetrates worn oil seals and rubber seals, restores their former volume and elasticity, preventing oil leaks.

Compatible with all materials.

Application: Add to oil in a ratio of 500 ml per 5 L of oil.
Recommended for regular use.

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