MANNOL Getriebeoel-Additiv Manual 9903

MANNOL Getriebeoel-Additiv Manual
Getriebeoel-Additive Manual – an additive in oils for mechanical transmissions that reduces friction and wear. Compatible with any type of transmission oil (both mineral and synthetic). Suitable for manual transmissions, rear axles, transfer cases and mechanical steering systems with oil pan. It is recommended to use at high operating temperatures and with significant wear of transmission mechanisms.

- Modifies the structure of rubbing surfaces by reducing the coefficient of friction and their wear;
- Neutral to oil seals and gaskets;
- Reduces the noise level of the manual transmission;
- Reduces the heat units and the peak temperature;
- Provides smooth, jerk-free gear shifting even in heavily worn gearboxes.

Application: Add to the transmission oil – mixing occurs independently during operation. Dosage: one tube of 20 g per 1 liter of oil
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