MANNOL Universal Technical Cleaner 4901

Liquid Soap Concentrate with the highest washing and cleaning effect for use in foam generators (high-pressure devices) for non-contact washing and cleaning of walls and floors of garages and other premises.

Product properties:
- Forms rich active foam;
- Effectively removes all types of stains and dirt: oil, fat, soot, etc. due to its excellent splitting properties;
- Suitable for washing glass and polycarbonate panels;
- Easily washed off with water without leaving streaks and smudges;
- Effective even when using hard water;
- Does not contain phosphates;
- Biodegradable, environmentally friendly product that meets all EU requirements.

Compatibility: Safe for paint surfaces and plastics.
Application: To prepare the working solution, the concentrate must be diluted with water in a ratio from 1:20 to 1:50, depending on the degree of contamination.
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