MANNOL Multi-Tape 9917

MANNOL Multi-Tape
Attention! The packaging is illustrative and may differ from its actual appearance. For the latest list of specifications, see the text section.

Multi-Tape – self-adhesive tape without an adhesive layer – polymerises when wound and stretched. Creates a seamless, dense and durable air- and waterproof layer-bandage, “sintering” into a homogeneous mass. It is used for effective insulation and corrosion protection of metal components of automotive, construction and agricultural machinery operating under pressure, at high temperatures and in a humid and aggressive environment, as well as in industry and in everyday life. It allows you to quickly eliminate leaks from fuel, water and air pipes. It can be applied to extreme conditions for temporary use, leaving no trace after removal.

- Easy to use;
- Has high strength – resistant to high mechanical loads (including breaking) and wear – resistant to abrasion;
- Resistant to chemical agents, including acids, alkalis, oil and fuel;
- Resistant to micro-organisms (rotting) and pollution;
- Resistant to ageing, high temperatures, water, UV radiation;
- Has excellent electrical insulation properties;
- Fits complex shapes well – does not slip;
- Reduces the noise level;
- Tape length: 5 m.

Thanks to its flexibility, it is easily wound on any type of surface, including wet, heated and greasy surfaces.

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