MANNOL Leather Cleaner 9944

MANNOL Leather Cleaner
Attention! The packaging is illustrative and may differ from its actual appearance. For the latest list of specifications, see the text section.

Leather Cleaner is a special product with a pleasant smell for effective cleaning and care of leather interiors of cars and their individual elements – seats, steering covers, etc., motorcycle seats, leather furniture and other smooth leather products.

- Effectively removes most of the dirt, while strengthening the skin structure due to deep-penetrating active substances;
- Restores elasticity, prevents deformation, cracking and drying of leather surfaces;
- Forms a waterproof layer, which, at the same time, does not make the surface slippery and sticky;
- Does not contain dyes and is suitable for leather products of any color;
- Ideal for vehicles with heated seats with porous leather surfaces;
- The composition includes a UV filter that protects the skin from fading in the sun.

Shake the can thoroughly before use. Spray on the surface to be treated, then use a clean cloth or sponge to thoroughly wipe the surface in a circular motion, without exerting much effort, spreading the product evenly over it. If desired, after a while, the surface can be polished with 9814 MANNOL Micro Fiber Polish or a clean cloth. Regular use provides optimal care and excellent appearance. Before use, check the product for compatibility with the material on a small invisible area of the surface.

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