MANNOL Anticor 9909

MANNOL Anticor
Attention! The packaging is illustrative and may differ from its actual appearance. For the latest list of specifications, see the text section.

Anticor is a high – quality anti-corrosion and anti-gravel agent in the form of a liquid based on synthetic resins and rubbers. It is intended for processing of external and internal surfaces of a car body, a bottom, wheel arches, wings, aprons, lower surfaces of thresholds of cars, etc. It is suitable for processing the internal surfaces of the hood, doors, and body amplifiers. For professional body repairs, it is used to protect welds from inside of panels, protect the internal surfaces of new body panels, as well as to process fenders, doors, aprons, hoods, trunks, etc. before installing on the car.

- Reliably protects the body from the negative effects of road salt and deicing reagents, all types of atmospheric effects, corrosion, protects from scratches caused by road surface particles (gravel, crushed stone, etc.);
- Has passivation properties, significantly slowing down the corrosion process that has already begun;
- Forms a strong, smooth, indelible elastic film with ticostropic properties (can be applied in a thick layer without forming smudges and self-leveling, and scratches on it are prone to self-tightening), resistant to mechanical influences, to moisture, salts, acids and alkalis after drying. Does not chip or wear during operation;
Effectively penetrates into the smallest crevices, displacing water from cracks, crevices and joints between the body panels, forms a waterproof layer;
- Has excellent adhesion – holds securely even on smooth, non-porous surfaces. It does not lose its adhesive properties at extremely high temperatures – it does not peel off and is securely held on a heated surface;
- Neutral to metals, plastics, rubbers and paint coatings;
- Resistant to extremely low temperatures, retains plasticity and does not crack;
- It has sound-proof and anti-vibration properties, significantly reducing road noise and vibrations of body elements, thereby increasing the comfort of driving;
- Dry quickly. The declared properties are acquired after complete drying.

Application: before applying the product, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of rust, dirt and dust, grease, oil and other organic contaminants. For degreasing, we recommend using 9691 MANNOL Brake Cleaner. For best results, it is recommended to apply the product at room temperature.
The product is applied using a spray gun with a compressor at a pressure of 2 to 8 bar (depending on the desired fineness of the spray). Shake the balloon well before use. After pouring the product into the spray container, immediately close the balloon, as a film forms very quickly on the surface of the product. Spray with a layer of up to 1.5 mm at a distance of about 20-30 cm from the surface. Resistance to abrasion and corrosion increases with the thickness of the coating. For this reason, the spray process should be repeated once or twice after a short (1-2 minutes) drying time. To obtain a uniform coating and not to leave untreated areas, the spray must be carried out crosswise. The coating is not subject to further staining.
Depending on the thickness of the layer and weather conditions, the car is ready to move again in about 2 hours. Final drying takes 12-24 hours.

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