MANNOL Chain Lube 7901

MANNOL Chain Lube

Chain Lube – fully synthetic white lubricant in the form of an aerosol for high-load and high-speed drive chains of motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and other motor vehicles, as well as bicycles. Suitable for all types of chains (O-ring, X-ring, W-ring).

- It has increased stickiness and holds well on the fastest moving chains under the action of centrifugal forces, providing reliable lubrication in all modes;
- Unique additive package and contained micro – ceramic elements-friction modifiers provide excellent anti-friction and anti-wear properties;
- Has good water resistance, does not wash off with hot water when washing equipment;
- Smoothly cares for chain seals of any cross-section (O-ring, X-ring, W-ring);
- Resistant to low ambient temperatures and high (up to 260 °C) operating temperatures;
- Reliably protects chains from corrosion;
- Prevents chains from stretching, extending their service life;
- Neutral to rubbers, plastics and paint coatings.

Application: before applying 7901 MANNOL Chain Lube, it is recommended to clean the chain with 7904 MANNOL Chain Cleaner. Spray the grease on the chain. After evaporation of the solvent (5-10 minutes), the lubricant acquires its final properties – the final consistency and the required adhesion.

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