MN9202 Catalytic Ester 9202

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Complex detergent and lubricant ashless (does not contain metals and their compounds) petrol additive based on synthetic esters for all types of petrol (including two-stroke) and hybrid engines equipped with catalytic converters. Cleans both the fuel system and the exhaust system. Improves the efficiency of catalytic converters by cleaning them WITHOUT DISMANTLING, as well as optimises the operation of oxygen sensors (lambda probes), keeping them clean.

- By increasing the combustion temperature and releasing active oxygen in the process, it burns out and removes deposits and impurities in the entire exhaust system, including the catalytic converter and sensors. The result is reduced resistance to exhaust gas movement, optimised composition of the fuel-air mixture and the combustion process, thus increasing engine power and energy conversion efficiency;

- Reduces carbon monoxide formation, opacity and toxicity of exhaust gases, increases the life of catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, injectors and the engine as a whole. This eliminates the most common engine problems leading to “Check Engine” indications and reduces maintenance and repair costs;

- Ensures lubrication of the entire fuel system and cleaning of its individual elements from soot and deposits of all kinds (varnish, resins, etc.), especially from all types of injectors and carburettors, spraying nozzles, fuel pumps, intake valves and the combustion chamber, as well as avoids formation of new deposits thanks to the contained esters and special detergents. Reduces caking of piston rings, which prevents them from getting stuck. All this reduces excessive fuel and oil consumption;

- The strong and resistant oil film formed during the application of the additive significantly reduces wear of all fuel system friction couples and prevents corrosion of its elements, thereby increasing its service life, as well as reducing the wear of cylinders, pistons and piston rings;

- Eliminates problems with starting, restores uniformity of idling speed;

- Compatible with all construction materials;

- Ideal for vehicles operated in urban traffic.

Application: For maximum effective cleaning add in a ratio of 450 ml per 30 L of fuel (1:60) to the fuel tank; to prevent impurities add in a ratio of 1:100.

Recommended for regular use.

Shelf life: 5 years from date of production.

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