Product Features:
- Еnаblеs to select different modes through the intelligent operation panel;
- The distinctive double wall tank design guarantees safe operations and cleverly warms the new coolant during exchange;
- Protects the engine and pipelines in the cooling system;
- Dual pumps separate the new coolant from the used, ensuring pure fluid is transferred during exchange;
- Leak check function;
- Unique transparent body with graduations and hose collected in semicircle shape;
- Innovative design to quickly change to another type of coolant when needed within 2-3 minutes;
- DC 12 V vehicle battery cables and the compact shape allow easy access to the working place;
- Optimised structure makes maintenance easy and convenient;
- Included into the set are standard metal adapters which meet most models on the market.

Technical data:
Voltage: DC 12 V
Motor power: 120 W
Working pressure of exchanging: ≤8 bar
Working pressure of leak checking: <1.2 bar
Recharge/return hose length: 2.5 m
Fluid discharge hose length: 2 m
Capacity of new coolant tank: max. 20 L
Capacity of used coolant tank: max. 16 L
Pumping capacity: about 7.0 L/min
Device dimensions: 450*450*1350 mm

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