Mobile Grease Pump Unit 9199

Mobile Grease Pump Unit
Mobile unit is suitable for dispensing oil for mobile application. Drum trolley ensures high mobility and efficiency. Easy to move the drum in the workshop. Mobile unit for 200kgs Drum Standard model composed of grease pump, trolley, grease gun with z-swivel and connection hose.

Product Characteristics: Technical Data: Duty of Trolley: 20-60 kgs
Inner Diameter of Grease Tank: 385 mm
Follower Plate Diameter: 370 mm
Grease Outlet Pressure: 25-30 Mpa (3,6~4,3PSI)
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.6 Mpa (71.5~85.8PSI)
Pump Ratio: 50:1
Size of Pipe: 1/2”(outside dia.), 2m. length
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