MANNOL Getriebeoel Leak-Stop 9968


-Getriebeoel Leak-Stop is a special additive in transmission oil based on esters, designed to eliminate leaks through rubber and plastic seals and gaskets of manual transmissions (manual transmissions), transfer cases, differentials, on - Board gearboxes and other components of mechanical transmissions.

- Special modifiers restore the original shape and elasticity of gaskets and seals;
- Especially effective in severe operating conditions;
- Applicable to any mechanical transmission components and compatible with any oil for mechanical transmissions. Not applicable for automatic transmissions;
- Can be used to prevent the aging process and wear of seals and gaskets;
- Does not prevent leaks through stuffed sealing.

Application: Preheat the manual transmission unit to operating temperature. Pour the additive into the heated transmission oil. The content of the bottle is enough for 4-5 liters of transmission oil. If there is a strong leak, you can use two bottles. Recommended for permanent use.

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