MANNOL Schleifpaste Profi Set 9960

MANNOL Schleifpaste Profi Set

Schleifpaste Profi Set is a set of professional diatomite abrasive pastes for manual and MECHANICAL polishing of paint coatings. Pastes differ in the grain size of the abrasives. MANNOL Schleifpaste No. 1 removes deep scratches, damaged, oxidized or dull top layers of paint due to the large abrasive grains contained in it. It allows you to easily remove smudges and stains of lacquers and paints during the restoration of the body, as well as adjust the color shades during partial painting. MANNOL Schleifpaste No. 2 removes small scratches, minor defects in paint coatings and solidified residues of petroleum products due to the micro abrasive components contained. It easily removes excess varnish after painting the body, facilitates deep cleaning of the surface, removes rust and aggressive substances from the micro cracks of the paintwork and individual chrome parts. Sizes of abrasive particles: MANNOL Schleif Paste No. 1 – 75 microns, MANNOL Schleif Paste No. 2 – 3 microns.

Clean the surfaces to be treated. RUB MANNOL Schleif paste No. 1 on small areas with a cloth or sponge, with the necessary pressure, Until the damaged and oxidized layers of the previous coating, rust, oxides, dirt and scratches are removed. For a mirror-like finish, apply MANNOL Schleif Paste No. 2 liberally to the surface using the supplied wet cloth and Polish it, then rinse it off.

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