MANNOL Speed Wax 500ml 9977

MANNOL Speed Wax 500ml
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Speed Wax – highly effective and fast-acting polish for paintwork of car bodies and other equipment based on natural Carnauba wax to maintain them in perfect condition. Applicable to plastic and rubber parts of the car body.

- Gives the treated paint coatings a bright glossy shine and rich color for a long time, masks scratches and damage to the coating;
- When liquid gets on the paint surface, it forms a "water-beading effect" - the effect of water beads, when the liquid remains on the surface in the form of small drops like scattered beads. This means that water flows freely from the paintwork, reducing straps and streaks that could form on its surface. This also means that any dirt and road dust will also roll off it, reducing the need for hard mechanical cleaning during the washing process, which in turn minimizes the appearance of micro-scratches and damage. The end result is a slippery paint surface that is much easier to clean and dry;
- Seals damage to the paintwork, penetrating even microscopic scratches and preventing corrosion, and further contributes to better adhesion to the paintwork of hard wax, nanoceramics, etc.;
- Protects the paintwork during frequent car wash;
- Has a long-lasting protective effect, preventing paint surfaces from the harmful effects of the environment. Restores protective properties of coatings;
- Suitable for any type of paintwork;
- Applicable to plastic and rubber parts of the car body;
- Can be applied to wet and dry surfaces;
- Suitable for polishing machines.

Application: before applying 9977 MANNOL Speed Wax, shake it hard several times, then apply it to a soft cloth, polishing cloth or sponge, then apply it with a small pressure in a circular motion, even and thin layer on the cleaned and washed paint surface, and then also – in a circular motion - polish. It is best to polish with clean microfiber.

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