MANNOL Rust Dissolver 9932

MANNOL Rust Dissolver
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Rust Dissolver is a fast – penetrating and fast-acting rust dissolving and removing agent with excellent anti-friction and water-repellent properties. It allows you to quickly and safely mount and dismantle hardware of all types, as well as lubricates and protects various movable joints from corrosion: door locks and hinges; levers for driving carburetor dampers; telescopic antennas; fasteners for body and chassis elements, etc. Contains substances which gradually release, during the operation, the molybdenum disulfide.

- Thanks to the presence of fast-penetrating solvents in its composition, it instantly frees threaded connections from rust, oxides and dirt, which greatly facilitates their dismantling;
- Has good anti-corrosion properties, prevents formation of rust and oxides in the future. Forms a strong waterproof and heat-resistant protective coating;
- Improves the adhesion of the subsequent coating to the treated surface;
- The presence of molybdenum disulfide provides excellent anti-friction properties for mobile joints, ensuring their smooth operation, ease of movement and eliminating creaking for a long time;
- Can be used for drying interrupter-distributors, coils and spark plugs, as it displaces moisture and fuel from their working surfaces, helping to start damp engines and electrical appliances;
- Neutral to metal, plastic, rubber and paint surfaces;
- Can be used in household, service stations, industry and agriculture.

Application: Shake the balloon well before use. Spray on a rusty surface from a distance of approximately 20 cm and let it soak in for 30 minutes. If necessary, wipe the surface with a piece of cloth to remove any remaining rust and dirt.

Volume: 450 ml

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