Pressure Sprayer steel manual 9370

Pressure Sprayer steel manual
Attention! The packaging is illustrative and may differ from its actual appearance. For the latest list of specifications, see the text section.

Durable chemical resistant 3L sprayer, especially suitable for professional cleaning with aggressive solvents in hard to reach areas. Seals and lines are resistant to all common cleaning agents, solvents, petrol and oils.

- 3 liter container made of robust cold-rolled stainless steel
- Metal, durable pump handle for pressure build-up even of high pressures
- Wide pump handle for simple one-hand pumping
- 2 chemical resistant high pressure hoses
- Spray tube and nozzle made of brass / stainless steel
- Various spray nozzles for every purpose
- Large filling opening for convenient filling of the container
- Adjustable carrying straps with key rings attached to the container
- With pressure relief valve
- Hose length: approx. 130cm
- Regular working pressure 1 - 3 bar
- Pressure resistant up to 8 bar

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