Transmission Fluid Exchanger Electrical CT4104

Transmission Fluid Exchanger Electrical


Functions - Remove, clean, and replace fluid from most types and models of automatic gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic torque transmissions, gearbox radiators and radiation pipelines.
Power supply - 220V, 50HZ,1PH
Pump power - 250W
Oil Inlet and Return Hoses - 3-(2x) 126 (L) x1/2(dia.) inches (1-red, 1-blue) (1) 137(L) x1/2(dia.) inches (red); All with male and female quick couplers, 300 PSL (max.) rated.
Pressure Gauges - Both 2-3/4 (dia.) inches;0~100 PSI, 20 PSI increments; 0~7 Bar, in 1 and 1/10 Bar increments.
Filter - Auto Oil Filter, 4-3/4(L) x 3(dia.) inches; 17mm x 1.7 female threads.
Fluid Capacity - 2tanks (for new and old fluids), 30L/ 8 gallons per tank.
Operating Temperature - Less than 80℃

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