MANNOL Motor Flush


-MANNOL motor flush 10 min. is a special cleaner for removing residues, dirt, sludge and wear products from engine parts. It cleans the oil system and the line filters of the oil pumps. During cleaning, it ensures reliable lubrication that inhibits wear on the individual engine parts. With the help of the special detergent-dispersant additive, it guarantees highly effective and safe removal of combustion residues. This product is miscible with all synthetic and mineral oils and can be used for cleaning all gasoline and diesel engines with or without catalytic converter and with or without turbocharger. The content of a can is sufficient for up to 6 L of oil. Add the engine flush to the warm engine oil before changing the oil. After adding the engine, let it idle for approx. 10 minutes. Then change the oil and filter. Motor Flush is compatible with all commercially available motor oils. Not suitable for motorcycles with a wet clutch.