MANNOL Chrom Politur 100ml 9820

MANNOL Chrom Politur 100ml
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Chrom Politur – polish for any chrome-plated surfaces in engineering and in everyday life (plumbing). Suitable for cleaning and polishing: stainless steels, aluminum and copper alloys, as well as alloys containing tin.

- Effectively removes rust, stains, dirt, including old ones;
- Contains extremely fine abrasive, does not leave micro-scratches and does not damage the chrome coating;
- Effectively cleans glossy surfaces, restoring their original Shine;
- Creates a strong transparent protective film, preventing tarnishing of surfaces in the future.

Application: apply a small amount of MANNOL Chrom Politur to a thoroughly cleaned surface, rub it into the surface in a circular motion with a cloth or sanding sponge and rub it with the same circular movements. Clean the surface and finally wipe it thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth until the surface is completely cleaned.

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