MANNOL Windshield Repair Kit 9804

MANNOL Windshield Repair Kit
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Windshield Repair Kit- a professional set for restoring windshields. Unlike other similar products, it does not require ultraviolet radiation. The principle of the kit is to remove air from chips and cracks, and fill them with a strong resin, which makes the treated area of the glass even stronger than before. To achieve the best results, you should make repairs as soon as possible after the damage. Before the chipped or cracked area is contaminated.

- Minimizes the risk of cracks after a pothole or chip on the windscreen is cured and helps prevent them from spreading further;
- High-quality repair resin of extremely low viscosity reliably fills even the smallest cracks;
- Allows you to restore the windshield within 30-50 minutes.

1. Clean the damaged windshield from dust and dirt with a cleaning cloth. For best results, it is recommended to degrease the glass surface around the chip using 9691 MANNOL Brake Cleaner.
2. Remove glass fragments from the damaged area using a special red button.
3. Install the adhesive disc so that the damaged area is located in its center.
4. Place a black o-ring around the edges of the hole in the adhesive disc. Black o-rings can be used several times.
5. Glue the red mushroom shaped base on top of the adhesive disc and insert 2-6 drops of repair resin from a tube depending on the degree of damage – the more rays the crack has and the longer their length – the more resin is needed to fill all these cracks.
6. Install the syringe in the mushroom shaped base, with the plunger pressed all the way down. Then pull the piston as far as possible, creating a vacuum under the piston. Wait for 10 minutes. Remove the syringe. Push the plunger back in and place the syringe on the base, then pull the plunger out again as far as possible and wait for another 10 minutes.
7. Remove the syringe, mushroom shaped base, black ring and adhesive disc. If necessary, clean the glass from the adhesive disc with a scraper. To put the repair resin into any remaining damaged areas and cracks. Cover the damaged area with the repair resin applied with a thermal plate. Smooth the thermoplastics with a scraper and a cleaning cloth so that it fits snugly against the glass and there are no air bubbles under it. Remove excess resin from the edges of the thermoplastics with a cleaning cloth. Wait 15 minutes.
8. Remove the thermal plate or scrape it off with a scraper. Also, carefully scrape the dried repair resin from the glass.

The kit includes:
- Repair resin - 1 PC.
- Adhesive disk - 3 PCs.
- Red mushroom shaped base - 1 PC.
- Thermoplastics - 5 PCs.
- Scraper with a blade - 1 PC.
- Syringe with spring clip - 1 PC.
- Cleaning cloth - 1 PC.
- Red button - 1 PC.
- Black o-ring - 2 PCs.

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