As winter approaches, it's crucial to prepare your car for the challenging conditions ahead. As temperatures drop and roads become covered in fallen leaves and snow, it's essential to focus on preparing our cars to handle the changing conditions. In this guide, we have collected for you the most essential products for preparing your car for the winter season. Don't let winter catch you unprepared!

MANNOL 9953 Silicone Spray:

  • silicone polymer layer: transparent, water- and dust-repellent, antistatic,
  • reduces friction, prevents creaking, freezing, and corrosion;
  • versatile use: on plastic, rubber, metal, wood, etc., inside and outside;
  • UV protection: guards against UV, and restores shine;
  • rubber & plastic care: restores elasticity, and prevents drying, and cracking;
  • mineral oil-free: no mineral oils or fats;
  • various applications: lubricates rollers, protects seals, bumpers, grilles, spoilers, electrical equipment, contacts, etc.

MANNOL 9908 Defroster:

  • effective cleaning: removes dirt, de-icing agents, oil stains, and heavy dirt from windows and headlights;
  • anti-icing: provides treated surfaces with anti-icing properties;
  • enhanced transparency: quickly ensures clear visibility for all windshield types and headlights without streaks;
  • surface safe: chemically neutral to rubber, plastic, and paint coatings.

MANNOL 9983 Winter Diesel:

  • prevents paraffin crystallization: no crystallization at low temperatures;
  • optimizes fuel performance: lowers filterability and solidification temperatures, preventing clogs;
  • clean combustion: burns without carbon deposits or ash;
  • easy start-up: facilitates low-temperature engine start;
  • detergent formula: keeps fuel system parts clean;
  • neutralizes water: prevents ice jams from water condensation.

MANNOL 9974 Glas Cleaner:

  • effective cleaning: cleans car's exterior, interior, glass, plastic, vinyl, and chrome surfaces from most dirt;
  • antistatic and dirt-repellent: provides treated surfaces with antistatic, dirt- and water-repellent properties;
  • stain- and streak-free: leaves no stains, traces, or streaks;
  • optically clear: doesn't alter the optical properties of the glass;
  • rubber seal safe: neutral to rubber seals, safe for paintwork.

MANNOL 9957 Injector Cleaner

  • efficient cleaning: removes deposits from nozzles and valves;
  • stabilized combustion: smooth, complete fuel burning, idle stability, reduced emissions;
  • improved performance: better throttle response, power, and fuel efficiency;
  • enhanced lubrication: protects fuel system and engine components;
  • corrosion protection: safeguards the fuel system;
  • preventive use: prevents dirt and deposits on fuel system parts.

MANNOL 9815 Micro Fiber Cloth:

  • unique structure: removes dirt without detergents;
  • soft texture and absorbent properties: removes moisture and dust effectively;
  • estreak-free: leaves surfaces clean without scratches, stains, or lint;
  • durable and resistant to chemicals: withstands wear and damage;
  • versatility of use: ideal for car interior cleaning - dashboards, windshields, plastics, metals, etc.