MANNOL Intake Valve Cleaner 9873

MANNOL Intake Valve Cleaner
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Intake Valve Cleaner-a highly effective tool for cleaning the intake system of gasoline engines up to the intake valves and in the most inaccessible places from all the typical dirt without disassembling the system. In most cases, a single application is sufficient to bring the intake system into perfect condition.
As the idling valve (IAC) is operating, deposits gradually accumulate on it, which ultimately affects the circulation of air and gases. This reduces engine power and acceleration, disrupts the smoothness of idling, and significantly increases fuel consumption. Signs of a clogged idle valve may include:
- Difficult start-up;
- Intermittent idling, as indicated by jumping tachometer readings;
- Slow speed reduction when you press the clutch pedal while driving;
- Black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

- Quickly, effectively and carefully removes dirt, soot, carbon, resinous and oil deposits and other most difficult to remove and old dirt;
- Further protects the intake system elements from corrosion and oxidation, prevents the formation of new dirt and deposits on them, provides functionality and mobility of moving parts, - extending the service life of the intake system and reducing repair costs;
- Facilitates cold start, restores the uniformity of idle speed, and reduces fuel consumption;
- Contains acetone-aggressive to paint surfaces and plastics;
- Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and turbochargers.

Application: shake the balloon well before use. The product must be sprayed behind the air flow meter (the product must not get on it) for at least 30 seconds (depending on the degree of contamination) when the engine is idling (at least 2000 rpm).
If there are particularly persistent deposits on the throttle, inside the intake manifold, or on the intake valves, the cleaning procedure can be repeated. After application, allow the engine to run for about 20 seconds at min. 2000 rpm, so that possible residues in the intake system can burn.

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